Glasses, more than ever, say a lot about your personality, style, and fashion. Selecting the right frames can be confusing and daunting, especially for first time patients. Our staff has a great deal of experience helping patients find the best frames for them – taking into account facial structure, style, visual needs, and budget. At Jackman Optometry, we are here to help you find the perfect look, while also correcting your vision.

There is more to finding the perfect frame than you might think. We carry a wide selection of frames for the many different facial types. Do you have a long or narrow face? We have smaller frames to fit you perfectly—and you won’t have to wear kids frames! If you have a wide face, we have frames with bowed temples that will look and feel great. Do you have a small or “Asian” type nose bridge? We have many “Asian”, “Global”, or “Universal” bridge frames so your glasses won’t slide down your nose. These frames are also great for those who wear eyelash extensions so your lashes won’t rub on the lenses.

It is very hard to find plastic frames for kids with the special bridges to prevent slippage. We carry three frame lines that have the “Asian” bridge that virtually all kids need. One line is from South Korea, while another is local from Alhambra.

Since kids can be hard on frames, we are excited to soon be receiving the 2019 Wiley-X new line of extra durable kids frames. Stay tuned!

Are you or your children active in sports? We carry sports goggles and frames for all ages. These frames provide excellent eye protection and several of them are even ballistic.

If you need safety glasses for work or other activities, we have a large selection of different styles of safety glasses, including the Wiley-X Worksight line.

If you have struggled in the past with glasses that were too heavy, you will appreciate the many new ultra-lightweight frames on display in our optical. Aspire nylon frames and Charmant titanium frames are two of the great light weight frame collections we carry.

Sun protection is of paramount importance in Southern California, so we carry a wide selection of sunglasses for both fashion and UV protection.

As you can see, here at Jackman Optometry we want you to love your glasses and we want them to be perfect for you!