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Meet The Staff

christina and carissa

Christina & Carissa

We are blessed to have some of the finest, friendliest, and caring staff members to be found. They love taking care of people, and it shows!


Christina Vallejo is an Optometric Assistant who’s been at the Orange office almost from the beginning. She learned the basics while studying to become a medical assistant, then was drawn to apply to Jackman Optometry after seeing great Yelp reviews.

At the office, she takes patients through pre-testing, helps them select frames, gives training on contact lenses and helps with billing and insurance.

Her favorite parts of the job? Well, she loves frame selection, as she feels it’s a little like playing dress-up. Also, some of the eye problems and care that others see as “gross,” she actually finds fascinating.

Christina prides herself on providing the best customer service possible so that people feel they’re in good hands. Additionally, she’s especially skilled at recognizing faces and enjoys when people are surprised that she remembers them.

On a personal level, she enjoys exercising and has done the Cinco de Mayo 5k run. She loves the Lakers, spending time with her family and going to car shows with her boyfriend, who is also her best friend. She likes comedies and military movies (and swears she doesn’t drag her boyfriend to chick flicks).

Christina wants to go back to school at some point to become a nurse and she knows her experience at Jackman Optometry will provide a great head start.


Carissa is an Optometric Assistant at Jackman Optometry’s Orange office. She began her career working at a “big box” optometry facility, joining Dr. Jackman’s practice almost three years ago.

She performs pre-testing and general office duties and appreciates that the pre-testing at Jackman Optometry is in-depth. She enjoys quickly maneuvering patients through the test stations, giving them digestible little bits of information that make their visits more informative.

Carissa is a people person who likes to put patients at ease, particularly those who have strong fears of medical care. It’s not unusual for them to leave saying, “Wow, this was actually fun!”

When people come in with longstanding problems that have stumped the professionals, Carissa assures them it’s Dr. Jackman’s mission to work together until they get it right.

In her off hours, Carissa loves spending time with her family and taking walks around the office area with its beautiful winding pond and rich plant and animal life. She loves music and has to have it on all the time, especially those golden 70’s and 80’s tunes.

Carissa is working toward becoming an Optician, and believes in listening carefully to patients. She knows she’s getting a solid start at Jackman Optometry.

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